Minto Aizawa (Mew Mint) - Tokyo Mew Mew




After how well my Mew Ichigo costume went down, I thought I may as well give Minto a try! Blue is my favourite colour, which is nice to work with. Same can't be said for Mint's character so much.. I think she's quite mean and sarcastic XD I haven't got to know her too well yet as I'm not far into the manga, so we shall see. ^_^


Anonymous posted on 30 January, 2010 - 09:02
You look awesome!:D

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Progress Journal

9th October 2008

The ball is now rolling!

I managed to finish the tail completely! However I realise I didn't put it on my to-do list.. Ah well.

I started on the gloves, finished one, going to finish the other tonight. My Anime and Manga society's having a cosplay workshop, so that should give me more opportunity!

7th October 2008

I'm behind...

Oh dear, university has taken its toll on my costume x_X All my cosplay gear has been sitting under my bed for about 3 weeks untouched! Now that it's October I should get my backside into gear over it.

So as of today I will be working on the wings and weapon. Mostly coating and paint jobs. Today I should also be getting my apron for Guilt-Na in the post today <3