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I fully blame Nia for this, she was responsible for lending the comics to everyone and organising the group, but I don’t really mind! I loved the series, and was soon keen to join the group. This was quick, simple and exceptionally cheap to make, and a lot of fun to wear with the group.

I dyed a long sleeved white top yellow (I already had both the top and the dye, which was convenient). I hemmed it shorter and removed the sleeves. The design on the front was quickly created in Photoshop and applied as a t-shirt transfer.

I bought black armwarmers in Primark, which gave me the ribknit fabric. I then cut them up and reassembled them using some of the yellow fabric from the sleeves of the top which I‘d cut off, random orange lycra I had lying about, and spare blue stretch cotton. They’re not especially great, the ribknit loved to dissolve as soon as I cut it, and I somewhat gave up on getting the stripes all precisely the same and exactly matched up.

I wore jeans I already had, and my own trainers. The wig is a lovely Sepia Ashley wig from CosWorx, which I’m eventually intending for Yvaine from Stardust, but any longish blonde wig without a fringe was fine for Karolina too.

As an extra touch, I made her medical alert bracelet, using a bracelet chain and craft foam for the disc.

In the end, the only things I specifically bought for this costume were the armwarmers and bracelet chain, making the total expenditure £4. Not bad! I don’t think I did an especially good job on any of it, but it’s alright.

nert posted on 14 September, 2008 - 18:10
Does this mean you're going to be blinding to look at *again* at Expo? ;)

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