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EDIT 28/08/2011: Putting this in the complete status because already debuted thi cosplay at AyaCon 2011 however, I was not happy with a couple of things such as wig, ears, tail, shoes and buttons on the vest. Will need to do some modifications when I next re-wear Ricco.

Dog Days group anyone?

I first heard of this Amine from Nyan-Type magazine brought from the Dealers room @ MinamiCon 17 and I adored the artwork and character desgins, then the next thingwas that I brought Nana Mizuki's 23rd single in mid April called Scarlet Knight (opening theme to Dog Days) and loved the song too much which attracted me to the Amine and made me keep up with the series.

Awesome series, character desgins, great OP and something which involves Nana Mizuki = MUST cosplay

It was a choice between Millhiore .F Biscott and Riccotta Elmar because I find Millhiore had the most interesting costume design where as Ricco's costume is abit plain, however I like Ricco a lot more, plus she is orange which is my colour ^^ I somehow had enough of cosplaying as characters who is just too pink, so Ricco wins my choice. On top, Ricco's seiyuu is Nana Mizuki and DID I mention thousand of times that I love Nana Mizuki?

I decided this cosplay will be for AyaCon since I needed something simple, light and comfortable and since time is running short I decided to buy this cosplay.
Costume is brought from Cos_gogo and I will be making minor adjustmusts such as changing the buttons on vest top to make it look more accurate. Since Ricco's an obsure character, I searched for character wigs with long orange hair such as Orihime (BLEACH) and Asuka (Evangelion) and found a perfect Orihime wig branded Ayanamisatoru which works well for Ricco, so I snipped the wig straight away. As for the boots, I will be using my Juliet (RxJ) boots though I do intend to buy/make/modify a more accurate pair when I have the money and time.


Pandora-Chi posted on 3 November, 2011 - 20:37
This was awesome to see! LOL I remember having a lot of fun taking the photo XD Chris looks like he's gonna cry XD

Dark_Angel_15 posted on 9 March, 2013 - 19:23
awww cool ;D

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Progress Journal

16th July 2011


Wig has finally arrived and I am happy with the quality, however not too sure whether I can say I am happy with the colour as it turned out abit more darker and browner then expected. On the advantage side, the colour makes the wig more natural compared to most orange wigs as a lot of orange wigs available from other sellers are very bright/neon and did I mention how much I hate wigs which look too un-natural? As usual, with my fund situation I will have to stick to the wig as I can't afford to dig out anohter £20+ for a new wig.

The wig will need some trimming from the fringe because it covers my vision. Also, I am debating whether I should cut the wig a little more shorter because Ricco's hair does not reach up to her waist, but the lenght of the wig is perfect for Nanoha and/or Asuka and I'm a cheap skate who always try to use the same wig where possible. I'm most likely going to leave the lenght as it is (I think)