Taokaka - BlazBlue

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Blazblue is one of my favourite games and thanks to where I work I can use this more than once. :)

Wasn't sure who to do until I arranged with some friends. SO I decided to do taokaka. Which should be a little easier and lots of fun to do! :D


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Progress Journal

2nd July 2011

Buttons and Tail

Right well I have buttons for this so far, and tonight I have just purchased some black and white fur ready to create the tail for this. Might pop to my local Range shop and purchase some yellow felt to do the ears and paw prints soon....but for now I am just going to do what I have....oh and maybe start on how I'm going to do the mask. :) See what the best way to do that is...then once I've done the little bits, focus on the main coat. :) Looking forward to making this! :D