Dr. Franken Stein - Soul Eater




Dr. Stein has always been one of my favourite characters from Soul Eater. [I love the mad doctor types, hence my adoration of Medic from TF2 c: ]

*Bolt: First one made of cardboard. Promptly broke. Second one made of cardboard... promptly broke. Third, and current one, also made of cardboard and attached with hairpins to wig. All three have been sprayed with metallic spray paint.
*Wig: Got free from friend, who also styled it for me.
*Jumper: Got two jumpers from ASDA and cut them up in exactly the same way, then mix and matched them. Made roll neck out of leftover material from one jumper.
*Lab coat: eBay jobbie. Sewed stitching on.
*Trousers: I just use black jeans, which I already possessed.
*Shoes: Used an old pair of school shoes and tippex'd white stitching onto them.

First worn at Japanese Arts Festival August 2010, where I sang the Russian Rickroll and all that glorious stuff that only ever happens at conventions.
Worn second at London MCM Expo October 2010, where I was hugged a lot by a Medusa. We kept seeing each other throughout the day and I would scream, "Medusa darling!" and we would slow run towards each other and hug x'D we kept in touch afterward.
Making again for Japanese Arts Festival July 2011, which should be very enjoyable.


JustPeachy posted on 26 June, 2011 - 16:54
Your Stein is awesome!! Love it :D