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Because I have love for the Orange that is inexplicable.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 16 December, 2011 - 14:42
Really amazing work so far! Love it!

Sephirayne posted on 16 December, 2011 - 16:12
Looking fantastic. Yay! For CG cosplay. Gives a shout and let me know when you think you might wear this and I'll try and get C.C ready :D

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Progress Journal

Pilot Suit 3 (Posted 16th December 2011)

The back, so far. I discovered that the top fits, but the legs don't. It turns out the original pattern relies a lot more on the stretch in the legs than it does in the top half! I'll need to add an extra panel in the legs so that I can fit in this. XD;

Pilot Suit 4 (Posted 16th December 2011)

I put some wadding and 6mm plastazote under the black area because in the anime it looks like that area is thicker and stiffer, as if there's armour somewhere.

It kind of looks like a jet pack somehow?!

Pilot Suit 2 (Posted 16th December 2011)

I'm pretty sure Jeremiah's left side is entirely wrapped in reddish bandages and the "panel" in his left side is really a cut out in his suit to show said bandages (which match the ones going down his arm and around his fingers). But I wasn't going to do that because 1) any hole in the suit will mean distorted shapes every time I move, 2) wrapping red bandages around myself before putting on the suit? You're kidding. XD

So I sewed a panel of the bandages instead and used it to make a really tight sleeve. Also cut a hole in the suit and then sewed the panel on from underneath. I'll put the gold trim around it later on.

Pilot Suit 1 (Posted 16th December 2011)

This is based on a KwikSew pattern, although the fabric I'm using is way less stretchy than the pattern requires so I made some allowances for that.