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8th October 2013: Video is coming... Over the kids summer holidays we planned out a video to use our Inspector Gadget cosplays in. It's worke dout to the tee. Sadly, we didn't get chance to get all the things together and then I've been mega sick again so it's on hold. Finally, yesterday the kids tried on their costumes. With their growth sperts our Brain is a bit too tall for the costume, but I think we can cover her shoulders in facepaints. I have no fleece left thats big enough. Today I sewed up some holes in M.A.D Cat. Other than that we need a hat for Gadget, and a couple more props to find.

I'm still mega sick but we are trying to find a way a time to do shot. ASAP!!! We have locations, just need time.

I'm excited.

3rd August 2012: Cat and bag.. We decided on Tuesday to take part in a charity run tomorrow. We also decided we should get M/A.D cat done and that turned into getting her done for the run... which then turned into emailing and rining and going to all the fabric shops we could get to. NO WHERE HAD Grey furs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNNNNNNNNNN!!

sooooooooooo we saw if we had stuff for Scooby Doo characters, so we could just improvise some kind of fancy dress instead. THEN I needed food for dinner, so me and the kids went to Sainburys and the fancy dress shop.... SAINSBURYS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU - well for this one item that is.

A men's 'minx fur (I think)' dressing gown! And it was the purrrrfect size for all the bits we needed to make. Cut apart EVERYTHING, pockets and all. Then turned it into M.a.d cat. We also have my little nephew as Chief and my sisters as Dr Claw (these two are a quick 'whatever we had or could quickly make from scraps' still they look ACE, and I love them for doing it)

I can't wait for tomorrow it's going to be sooooooooo much fun, even if it rains. I hope it doesn't though.

Ohhhhhhhh because my niece; Brain needs to take some clothes I decided half hour ago to see if Ihad any fabric to make Penny's bag. I had some brilliant fabric, though only one zip the right colour. I made it anyway and used the zip for the smaller pocket. I am using a safety pin on the main pocket for now, will get a longer zip asap.


9th June 2012: Brain come in Brain.... Sooo you have probbaly seen the photos on here or my facebook and now you know the secret we were working on ;P

We will have a M.A.D cat asap too. We have a much a videos and photoshooting to do in my niece's Summer holidays. So watch this space hehe

I can't believe we managed to finish Brain (a couple of things to edit) and it's all done from left overs from other cosplays.
It started as an idea last weekend on a FB status conversation. Then Wednesday I got my niece's over and we began. We had troubles with only JUST enough fleece and other things which if you look through my intensive journal on FB then you'll know. hehe.

But yes we finished it and second time lucky with the head. Wahooooooooo! We did it. Today we had some fun on a top secret location ;P which wasn't our first idea but it worked out brilliant.

Sorry I'm a bit hyper for some reason and yeah I'll stop typing now..

now now now noow. now.. now

6th June 2012: ruined... tried to repair my watch.. and ruined it instead............

*heart break*

butttt 2 days later and I have fixed it - not as good as the first time round but it's ok.. unless you look closely.. but no one will do that... right...

I have been sewing all ay with my neices and well, the thing we've done went well. We thought we had literally JUST enough fabric (it was scraps from a winnie the pooh costume years back) and well we scrimped sooo much. We JUST managed it.... Sewed up most of it.. then my niece tried it on and 'AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it doesn't fit over her knees LOL. Think we have fixed it, but have to wait till i see them again to finish it.
And looking at it while typing this, the flipping nose is a differnt shade to the rest AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..

I think I found a bit more of the right colour I can use. But need to fix the head - omg, the head!!! I made it too hard for myself because I was trying not to use too much fabric...

3rd June 2012: pre expo post expo pre expo - i cleaned up all the stitching on the trousers.

I didn't get chance to wear her at expo, and in travel the watch paint got distroyed and so did the shoes.. :/ I have no idea how as I packed them really well...

Anyways, I have scratched off all the paint and am trying to cover the square bit in green stuff... but even that's not really sticking to the rubber :/ Yikes. I've been trying for hours and I think the two sides I've done have stuck now. So I will wait for them to go hard then add the other two sides.... Need to do it while it's on my wrist so one handed isn't much help either... and I hope the paint will look at bright when done :( I am also going to make a certain something this week and get my niece to have some photos with me while she's not busy. YAYs. You'll see ;P

15th February 2012: Marked as Complete.. I need to tidy things up a bit when I wear this and I will be making some other props, but that's not going to be for a while and it's not THAT important to the costume. The main costume is finished so I don't really want it hanging around in 'progress' section. I'm on a bit of a tidy up. A lot of deleting and stuff on this account.

3rd February 2012: Shoesy Progress.. Image says it all. Except the fact it doesnt give you time scales.

Usually, you buy some 'cheap' shoes and they fall apart... Yet, I actually wanted to unstitch the blue and white lines - it took me on and off two days to do. Using overly sharp small scissors, unpicking scissors, pins to pic, cotton bud to wipe over, and tweezers to pull away any thread that was too small to use my nails. Then on the last line, it decided to come away really easy. - typicial.

I still need to get some pink or black laces. The ones that came with them were white. I think I have some I can use but I will look tomorrow. I think I will paint the eyelets pink like the soles. I also need to use a de-bobbler as it's bobbled up where some of the stitching was. That's not mega important though, I'm just paranoid.

I'm leaving them to dry but I might go over them with some of the same pink mixed with black. I will probably leave them, but I'll see what they are like in the morning.

3rd February 2012: Working on the Watch.. It's done. Although I think I need to paint it again.. Keep cracking in the corners.

The image says it all really. I don't think it shows up but I ingraved lines down the strap. And yes, I sanded the rubber to get the shine off. I think because it's all rubber it jsut doesn't like the paint. I hope it holds as I really don't know what to do. maybe Sharpie it.. I don't like that idea. I also had to change the 'button' part half way through as it didn't sit right when on my wrist. I quite like it though, it's not perfect, but I am stumped with it. If I did a whole foam or mache screen block then it wouldn't be bendable and stuff like that. I just couldn't get it to be wrist moulded sort of thing....


27th January 2012: First update.. My sister hunted through her old clothes she's selling, and she found some green jeans. They are the colour that the Toys and stuff of Penny are coloured. So I decided to pinch them. I did a quick machine stitch on all the edges to make them smaller. And then hand stitched the white turns ups and squares on (late at night after traveling) This was last Friday.. *Changes date of journal*
So, I used it this weekend [28th] as it was. I will make the trousers neater and sew them up properly asap. Image from the weekend. Excuse the dark eyebrows and untidyness of fabrics. hehe.
The shoes turned up but I didn't use them.

18th January 2012: Watch.. the strap arrived and i've been working on adapting it. I don't have all the paint I need so I'm cutting everything and modeling everything I need to. I have drawn and printed Brain image for the screen part, I just edited a screencap of him. Nothing fancy. I'll post image later of how far I get with it.

I also ordered some trainers which I will paint a bit. Hopfully they arrive alrighty.

17th January 2012: little bits... I hope to wear this (how ever much I'm done) next weekend to a family members birthday gameing night. Should be a good laugh.

The white paint on the tshirt, went very weird after washing it. I left it for about a month hanging up, so I might wash it again, or paint over it... It didn't go back to soft fabric like it usually does. Weird.

Yesterday I ordered an iPod nano wrist strap in Orange. I hope it'll be the size I'm thinking and will work for the watch strap. I thought the square bit that the ipod goes into would work well for the watch face/screen. I'll make a foam face thing. Fngers crossed with this one though, I'm not convinced about it but it was the best I could get for now. Just have to wait for it to arrive.

I'm still looking for decent fabric or trousers to edit. As I said the others weren't the right fabric and i couldn't edit them to fit me anyway.

22nd November 2011: trousers and tshirt.. Sooo, I haven't updated this. I am terrible at keeping these things up to date. Except a few costumes. Anyways, I won the trousers in the end and they arrived fine.

Months later, I finally got some more white fabric paint and painted some more layers on the t-shirt. It's all set and washed today and it's quite nice.

As for the trousers, well... I am wishing now I got jersey fabric instead, like leggings.. I dunno though.. These trousers are now way too small so I have to work on them.. I dunno.. I'll see what I can find...

17th August 2011: T-shirt almost done.. My tshirt arrived today :O only ordered it yday.

I had some fabric paint left over from Sid's tshirt. I marked on the t-shirt with sticky tape as a guide, so the paint didn't run everywhere. I managed to paint one coat on both the back and front, and then iron it. It looks rather pink at the moment, but my paint ran out. *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* hehe. It was to be expected as it was a little pot. but I was too excited to wait for more. i'll do another coat soon. Then post photos.
I am winning on an ebay for some trousers, They are lime green! Oh yes, love it. It depends which episodes you go by as to what colour her trousers should be, so I went with the lighter versions. They are brighter and more fun. It finished at 1am, so I hope when I get up I have won. I'm pretty such I will... *fingers crossed*

16th August 2011: ebayings I ordered another t-shirt today and am bidding on some trousers on ebay. Lets wait and see.

14th August 2011: better image of wig... no sure what colour hair bands to use?
maybe pin to go with t-shirt and trainers...
the colour of wig is between the two colours in the photo.

12th August 2011: the wig.. arried today - it's very nice. I had ahair band on my wrist, so tide one side up to see how it would look. I'll style it properly when I have everything.
Image mainly for Zoe

30th July 2011: wig and t-shirt I ordered an awesome lookng wig a couple of nights ago - thanks Zoe for input. I justhope it is true to the photo colour.I also ordered a t-shirt but it arrived today and I'm SO stupid.. I'd ordered the wrong colour!!!! I can dye it red though and use it for Penny (Bolt) instead.. Or something else.

25th July 2011: ebayings.. I found the perfect trousers, but missed the bid - damn!
I have just bought a wig though.. I seriously hope it is true to the photo.

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Luminescence - 25th June 2011

(I love Inspector Gadget lmao)

Luminescence avatar

Luminescence - 12th August 2011
Omgggg Ruthie you look amazing already! That wig is really cute on you C: Eeee I am so excited to see the final thing lmao

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 14th August 2011
thankie youssss :) I'm excited, but i can't find the right colour trousers anywhere :( I don't really want to make them - i'm being lazyyyy hehe

Luminescence avatar

Luminescence - 14th August 2011
I say either pink or green for hair ties. Either's good c: You could get a pair of white trousers and dye them if you're having trouble finding the right colour :)

The-oncoming-storm avatar

The-oncoming-storm - 3rd February 2012
Omg, awesome. :D Love Inspector Gadget.

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lilkimmi27 - 7th June 2012
Awesome idea *sings tune*

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Kata-san - 9th June 2012
AWESOME!! This brings back some memories!

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lilkimmi27 - 9th June 2012
So cute!!

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FuriePhoenix - 9th June 2012
omg so cute! Love it!

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Teacup_Erinyes - 10th June 2012
This looks so adorable. Gosh, so different from any other cosplay I've seen you do. :P

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Luminescence - 10th June 2012
OH MY GOD. Ruthie you and Bacon look amazing!! This is utterly fantastic <3

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LittleRecordGirl - 11th June 2012
This is AMAZING!
Total nostalgia! x3

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FlyingMammal - 12th June 2012
Awwww thank you everyone. My niece (age 11) was very smiley and went all shy when I read her the messages on here and facebook. :) Thank you, it's given her a bit of confidence and she wants to come cosplay as Brain at an event. ACE! hehe
P.S Will be have a M.A.D cat asap and soon a Gadget and Claw!! Just need a Chief xD