Esmeralda - Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame




Worn to:
- Manchester MCM Expo 30th July 2011

I AM NOT WEARING THIS COSTUME. I made it for a friend! :)

My cosplay group did a big Disney group for Manchester MCM Expo 2011. One of my best friends has always wanted to try cosplaying with us, and as she's my fellow Disney fanatic, she couldn't really pass up on the opportunity to join our group! She chose to cosplay Esmeralda, and I offered to make this for her as a birthday present for her.

The shirt is actually the shirt I made for my Ruby cosplay - we agreed that there was no point making a shirt for Esmeralda when I had already made one that was incredibly similar. It doesn't have the collar, but that's fine!

The skirt was the first piece that I made for this costume. I did want to make a full circle skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric so I just made it as full as I could with the amount of fabric that I had. It's made of lilac polycotton. The sarong is dark purple polycotton, and was easy peasy to make - all I had to do was cut it to shape and hem it, then sew the ribbon along one edge. The coins were made out of craft foam and painted gold, then attached with more ribbon. The petticoat is one borrowed from my mother, as she had one that she could lend for the costume.

The underbust is the part of this costume that I'm most happy with, as I used boning for the first time ever! It turned out really well in my opinion, and I'm happy with it. I way over-estimated how much boning the underbust would need, but that's okay because I can use the remainder I have left for future costumes! My brother installed the eyelets for me, because I'm a wuss and didn't want to mess up (and also I don't trust myself with a hammer).

The headscarf was bought - I was actually going to make one myself, but then my friend found one in a shop while she was buying the jewelry for this costume, so it saved me having to make one from scratch! As mentioned, the earrings, anklet and bracelets were all bought as well. The tambourine was found for a cheaper price than we were expecting on eBay, so we bought that too.

All in all my friend was really happy with the costume and had a great time at her first expo! I'm glad she enjoyed herself. :)


animekid3000 posted on 11 October, 2011 - 16:17
Really good Esmeralda hun :3

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