Alice Liddel (Dark Alice ) - Alice in Wonderland




My own take on Lewis Carols Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
This is sort of an... anti-Alice I guess you could say! XD
I'm pretty proud of this costume, and I received a lot of positive feedback for it at EXPO, which made me even happier!
Of course I had my darling dark Cheshire cat along to keep me company!!

For this costume I used my Deidara wig without the ponytail, a pinstripe shirt from a charity shop, my winter boots which I made twill shoe covers for.
I also used a waistcoat that I made for everyday use a while ago! And out of the same material as the waistcoat and boot covers I made a GAINT head eating bow!
For the the bow at my neck I used a giant black Alois-esque bow that I made for fun last year sometime, and from an old sheet I made a long-ish black skirt. The apron was from an old dress up outfit I got for my 10th birthday, and the tights were from Camden market!
I bought my contact lenses in Tokyo Toys (Trocadero, Piccadilly!).

I actually really like this costume! Despite it's simplicity!!
And I'm super proud of the make up, this actually inspired me to start wearing make up regularly! x3


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