Ciel Phantomhive (Blue outfit ep2, series2) - Kuroshitsuji




I'm very proud of this costume despite the fact it's missing a few details (rings, fake pockets and contacts), I made it mostly by myself and also styled the wig on my own!!

I used cotton twill for the jacket, and silk for the bows and the collar, though I turned it inside out for that bit. The sock suspenders are just elastic sewn to a pair of cheap black socks and for the white leather bit on the shoes I got my mum to help me super glue it to some old shoes I found in the charity shop!

I won't be using this costume again though, as I'm waaaay to tall, and not delicate enough to cosplay Ciel. And despite how much I adore him as a character, I didn't feel comfortable cosplaying him! I don't like ordering people around, or being snobby and self centered ^.^''''
This costume is now used by my friend Venus, who is waaaaaay better physically for Ciel! XD


shannathebananaVK posted on 11 August, 2011 - 13:39
aww awsome cosplay! did you get the his contacts?