Haruno Sakura (13 years old) - Naruto




My first cosplay, I originally made it for Halloween, but once I got more into cosplay I decided to wear it to London MCM EXPO for May 2010, which was also my first con!! ^.^

I chose to cosplay Sakura because I just really admired her as a character, and she has awesome pink hair, which is obviously a bonus! ^.~ Plus one of my best friends was cosplaying Sasuke for Halloween! XD

My grandma and my mum actually did all of the sewing on the dress, as I was tooootally not capable enough at that point, but just recently I cut some shorts to size for it, and re-hemmed them.
When I first wore it I didn't have the wig, but I got that for Christmas 2009.
I also didn't have either her shuriken pouch or kunai holster, I have both of those now as well!

It's a super comfortable cosplay, and it'd probably be one of my favorites if I still liked Naruto as much as I did back then (and had a better wig and contacts!).


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