Motochika Chosokabe
Sengoku BASARA 2

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Variant: Alternate/RETIRED

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th September 2011: Throwing on complete, soon Yeah, I'll edit this, soon, to be complete...seeing as I am BASICALLY done...just gotta finish the gloves really :I
Yeah, I know I should finish the knee guards before saying it's done, but all they need is painting and I just need to buy more paint for them :I So...they are basically done, but I'll make sure it's all properly finished before suddenly shouting 'IT'S FUCKING DONE' (forgive me, I swear too much, I don't care if children are close XD)
But, yeah. Nearly done. Will post a shot of the finished product when I get chance to bother/AKA: when this heatwave has gone ;A; it's LITERALLY boiling to wear it all, trust me, I tried ;A;

26th September 2011: Boots I got them painted today :D I also have the small white sashes to wrap around them and also some extra to keep the knee guards up :D
As soon as I get some gloves and add the extras onto them, this will be basically done *o*
I don't count the knee guards, really, because I keep putting them off :I I'll try and get them done before the gloves though XD

21st September 2011: FINISHED JACKET Finished painting the jacket today, which means I have FINISHED IT.
Waiting for it to dry before I take pictures of it, so will get them either tomorrow or later on tonight, depending on if my camera will stop being a bitch.
Didn't use stencils, but I'm pretty proud of how it's turned out :D
May have to add an extra layer once I've ironed the paint on ^^
Tomorrow, will try and finish getting the base of the knee guards done.
Still deciding how to do the boots ;A;

20th September 2011: SO MUCH DONE This has gone by a lot quicker than I thought :D
As soon as I got started again, I thought it would take forever to get right, but it turns out it's actually turning out okay :D
I sew the collar on today, both of them :D Also sorted out the last of the binding, even through my dizzy spells XD
AND NAOOOO I have painting the dragon onto the back :D
Tomorrow I'll paint the patterns onto the bottom and try and get the knee guards finished in between and paint them on Thursday :D
Also, probably gonna paint my boots and buy new ones for other cosplays, but that's just because I'll have no way of pinning the binding onto them ;A;
Also, gotta buy some gloves then it should be done.
Gonna beg my Grandad to borrow a fishing rod I can take the hook off XD

31st August 2011: BACK ON TRACK Can't do much seeing as I have no one to help pin it on me and measure it .__. but I've finished the sides now that my sewing machine is fixed. As soon as my mother gets home she's gonna help me finish the back so it fits properly. Right now, my hip size doesn't help, because it's causing the jacket to stick out and really draw attention to it. Seriously, losing weight won't even help my hips much, that's just something I can't help, so it's a little depressing :/
But, I do need to ACTUALLY get the knee guards done (I've been putting it off for ages because of wanting to get the jacket done, but now I realise I have to get EVERYTHING done quickly. Probably not gonna have a weapon (not even the fishing rod, OTL;; ) because of funds and because of Keiji wanting to eat my money ;A;
FUUUUUU- This is getting frustrating ;A;

24th August 2011: Bloody Hell... Suffice to say, I have a bad feeling that I won't be able to finish this on time .__. I'll probably just grab some old cosplays if that's the case, but for now, I am attempting.
I say this possibly won't get done because my sewing machine is now getting a service so I can't do anything but the small bits and bobs like sorting out the boots and knee guards, which should help a bit :/ but I am attempting to concerntrait on the jacket, but now I can't because my sewing machine is on the fritz and I'm getting a little pissed off with it :/ because it actually WILL NOT sew anything.
Well, let's hope I get it done or I'll be a little depressed .__.

15th August 2011: Eye Patch I'm actually proud of the design, though I'm not sure on the shape :( I figured it would be easier to wear like this, because I've seen Motochika cosplayers and their photos and in most of them, because of the patch shape they have made, you can almost see fully under the patch when they are facing the side .__.
But it didn't take much to get the design on, quickly painted. Didn't bother lining it with the binding because the lining is quite thick because of the jacket lining, so I just painted the lining on. Didn't paint it all the way around because the patch goes UNDER the wig, as I've found out (how Motochika does it is amazing .__. Oh Capcom, how we love you...)
Anyway, very proud, very proud of the design, I may work on it a bit though XD

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