Lightning - Final Fantasy 13-2





This won't be til after i played the game when it's released which I'm So looking forward to but I adore her outfit in this and Lightning is one of my fave characters XD I wanna do so many versions of her <3 and am getting on with her outfit from 13 and then swiftly followed by this outfit.

I do Hope (;P) i Suit her =]
I can't wait to play the game ... 3rd Feb WOOO now i wish they would update the other release dates for versus and type o.
Saw the Images for Hope <3333 hes so manly now and Snow ;; looks like a hobooooo


KawaiiKira posted on 22 June, 2011 - 16:00
You'll make an awesome Lightning! glad to see i'm not the only one doing an FFXIII 2 cosplay ^^