Mitsuki Konishi - The World Ends With You


Much as I love Yashiro's design, I eventually decided that Konishi would suit me somewhat better as well as giving me another costume I can use my own glasses with. Konishi's pretty awesome, too, so I'm happy to cosplay her!

This is planned for a Reaper group at October Expo.

EDIT: Finished her off today. I had to cut off and remake the straps, which mean that after all my faff and patterning, the dress is no longer 100% accurate, but they really weren't working.
Blouse is also too tight, but thankfully not that much of it is visible! The charity shop I got it from had no space for a changing room (it was less a shop and more a room piled full of clothes, there was barely room for *me*), but they also supplied excellent bangles, so all is well.
I also seem to have a habit of wearing microminiskirts to Expo for some reason!

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Sew up dress
Add lace to blouse
Retrieve bangles and shoes

Total cost: £0.00

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