Lim Kaana (Vol 23+) - Dragon Knights




I'm marking her as complete for now, although I'll probably be redo-ing the sleeves (made them the night before) and making her wings for Amecon.


(I'm doing the method of "if I put the costume up on here, then I *have* to sew it!")

Dragon Knights is a completely overlooked manga that Amy-Lou introduced me to a few years back. She finally collected all the volumes (which I of course nicked) and we've picked about a dozen outfits each of various characters to do!

First set as a slightly matching pair, and probably the only one with the correct height difference, with Amy as Cesia and myself as Lim. She's such a minor character in the grand scheme of things, but something her being a short, sarcastic demon-turned-faerie who is then forced into a pretty dress by Tintlet kinda made me think it could be quite fitting choice for me :D

For the hair, as with all the Dragon Knights characters, it changes in every art, but she's appeared twice with red/pink hair, so I've gone for a burgundy colour. I've got two wigs, one for the main short style, and one to chop up for the twin plaits and ponytail. Not quite thought about attaching them yet!


kirokitsune posted on 7 August, 2011 - 18:56
Really looking forward to seeing this! So great to finally see some Dragon Knights Cosplays! Lim Kaana is such a great character too!

Amy-Lou posted on 4 April, 2012 - 12:41
Thank you for being a kick ass fairy <3 Wings for Ame?

Progress Journal

3rd February 2012

Wig hackery

The wigs! They have been merged!

This was actually easier than I thought it would be, as I hate anything to do with wigs. I bought one short choppy wig for the volume of her short hair, then a long one to do her three hair tails with, which I intended to cut up.

Hilariously, the long with was so unbelievably thick, that I gave a chunk to Amy-Lou to make her Cesia fringe, cut loads out and discarded bits, and still have loads spare, even with 3 tails. Once cut into strips, I just bundled it all up into small sections and hand-sewed it into the inside of the short wig. It's pretty sturdy and can survive heavy brushing.

I'll braid the two side ones properly to keep them neater, I just only have on hair tie! I'm going to leave the back one lose unless it gets too tangled. Need to volumise the short wig a fair bit, but will save that for the hotel room! It's actually a fair bit brighter than this, my phone seems to dull down colours a lot!

11th January 2012

Getting there...

So, back onto project Lim Kaana, I've still got a lot of fiddling to do (a lot of this is pinned) but I'm taking a bit of a shortcut with the stockings! Found mock-stockings on ebay which are tights made to look like hold-ups. Seeing as I'll be hanging around a bar in this, I really can't be bothered fussing with hold-ups which never stay up on my legs. The design is fairly close, and I bought two pairs to see if I can add a few details while still having a back-up if it all goes wrong!

Otherwise, getting there - the fitting of the dress is mostly done, it's just a case of hemming the front and top (that's why it's a bit messy!) and then sorting the straps. After that, it's the sleeves, wings and merging the two wigs I have :)

24th July 2011


Finally, some progress that looks like I've made progress! These were made from hacked up knee high boots, with black leatherette sleeves added on the top. The cuff is detachable via velcro so it can sit wider than the top of the boot (stupid anime physics) and so I can get the boots on and off easily.