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Im a huge fan of Naruto series so I've decided to dress up as my own character from it. A crossed leaf headband can be seen worn on my neck and as for the huge fan, I took the idea from a kunoichi named Temari (which is one of my favourite btw ^^ and use it as a weapon like she would XD

As for the skirt, my friends help me made it. I've added loads of silver zips and other accesories so they would shine out from the black. The skirt was currently partly unzipped to show off my headband but if i were to close it fully, I would look like a memeber of Akatsuki coz of the collar XD


Xauriga posted on 24 August, 2008 - 01:15
woo pritty cool you make the fan yourself or buy it?

Mïdnïght_Ñø _Kåzé posted on 24 August, 2008 - 16:31
hehe..Arigatou Claud ^^ I brought this fan, but I do make my own ones. I was just using this one because i absolutly love the design on it :D So soon I'll upload more pics of my own fan when I get it fully finnished

Neko-Chan posted on 24 August, 2008 - 17:22
Wow, The fan is epic!!

Mïdnïght_Ñø _Kåzé posted on 24 August, 2008 - 17:52
Thanx and Indeed..but Im making even bigger one for Anime expo O_o" lol It will take time but I'll do it XD

vincent42valitine posted on 25 August, 2008 - 21:24
the costume is great lovin the big black fan this is an original character

Mïdnïght_Ñø _Kåzé posted on 25 August, 2008 - 22:43
hehe..arigatou Vincent!! ^___^