Shelke the Transparent - Final Fantasy VIII - Dirge of Cerberus





I love Shelke's Character and her design ^^ so cute!
Shelke was planned for the end of this years expo, but due to certain events (DAMN YOU SQAURE ENIX FOR THAT AWESOME TRAILER) She will be planned for next year!

It would be so AWESOME to have a Dirge of Cerberus Group or just the Tsviets :)
but still, group or not, I WILL cosplay her!


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Progress Journal

1st October 2011


So I've been looking around abit, and i can't seem to find any Orange Lightsabers! i though they existed? LOL, the only ones i have seen are on Milanoo and they are the size of your finger too. gonna kept searching, other wise I just gonna amke do with Red.