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I've decided to make this costime as I am a fan of Chuck Greene and want to actually start going to these cosplay events.The trainers and jeans will be easy to get,the jacket however may take some time.

Former Motocross champion, Chuck Greene is the reluctant hero and protagonist of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Case West. He is the loving father of the infected, but precious, Katey Greene. Since he was forced to do repairs on his own bike, he is extremely resourceful and can be considered the ultimate handyman. Due to this big advantage, Chuck can create unique weapons out of everyday items to wreak havoc on the zombie population.


L4dyPaiNe_X posted on 10 July, 2011 - 11:32
I have that zombrex! special edition of dr2. I have planned Isabella keys in case west we should do the dr2 cosplay together when we have the materials :D

SOLIDCAL posted on 10 July, 2011 - 23:05
Yeah.could do.I'm thinking of Making a case west version of frank.

Squall_wolfheart posted on 22 September, 2011 - 11:38
did u ever get his jacket?

SOLIDCAL posted on 29 September, 2011 - 22:28
Sadly no.Still waiting to get some money for it.xD

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Progress Journal

16th April 2012

I finally got the jacket!

Wow it's been ages since I updated this.Anyway good news.After two long years of searching I have finally got the jacket!All offical and everything.Cost me a massive £282 for it though,but it was all totally worth it.Got a size LL and it fits me nicely.I can pretty much say this costume is complete and is ready for any cosplay events I can atten this year :)

Also heres the story of how I came to finally get this jacket. :)

So after waiting two years I have finally got a offical Capcom Chuck Greene IJIEK Jacket!

I was searching ebay for dead rising stuff 2 weeks ago.I then decided to look for the jacket so I typed in "Dead Rising Jacket" but I then realised I typed the dead and the rising words together.But then to my suprise the IJEIK jacket came up.I clicked on the first result that had a "Buy it now" option.I saw the size was LL and did a lot of research on it before I decided to but it.I paid £282 for it and it finally came today.It fits me like a glove.


18th November 2011

Looks like I might be able to get that Jacket!

So after a while of searching and talking to some smart people.I have found a place that sells the offical jackets.So I'll be looking into getting the jacket for this christmas if I'm lucky.So wish me luck!

23rd June 2011

Got the trainers

Well I finally got those trainers.

21st June 2011

Found some trainers!

I was looking about on a market today and saw a pair of trainers that are the closest to Chuck's and there only a tenner!I will be getting those later on tommorrow.

18th June 2011

So Close

I managed to find some trainers that were similar to Chuck's and they was only £2.50!The only problem was that they were a size 4 and I am a size ten.So close to getting those trainers.

18th June 2011

Katey needs Zombrex!

Just remembered I bought the zombrex edition of Dead Rising 2 a while ago and that it has got that zombrex injector pen.It will be perfect as a prop.

17th June 2011

A Daughter?

Now Chuck would not be complete without his daughter would he?Luckily I have a niece that looks the spitting image a Katey.All I need to do is dress her up as Katey and thats another thing ticked of the list.

17th June 2011

The Jeans

Well the Jeans won't be hard to get considering I bought some from a Peacocks store last week and they was on sale for £9.80,now that was a bargain.So thats one thing ticked of the list.