Yun Mirae (School Uniform) - Evil's Return





Moved to Planned even though started.

I love this character from Evil's Return (a very unheard of manga) she's joyful and the life of the party, and can also whoop some ass :D, and since I can now use my own hair I can finally do this cosplay ^_^ yaaay! :) more info to come soon xxx


rosieroo posted on 17 June, 2011 - 20:25

InfiniteJester posted on 17 June, 2011 - 23:41
o i rememebr reading some o this manga a while ago, good luck with the costume sure it will look great!

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Progress Journal

17th June 2011

Making a shirt xD

I've never attempted to make a shirt before; last time I just bought a Primarni shirt, but I've never been to pleased about it as Primarni's fabric is dreadful. So I decided to make a shirt from scratch ^^.

Now being quite apt and making patterns I'm alot more confident with my cosplay making abilities, not only is this the first shirt I've made it's also the longsleeved outfit I've made (exluding lulu as those sleeves aren't attached in the smae way) since my fail of Freya dress 2years ago (that catastrophe put me off from making sleeves) I don't just have myself to thank for my new found ability I have Gaming_Goddess who showed me how to design the top part of sleeves and now I can make sleeves ^^ she's too awesome!

I've made the shirt to how it is in the manga, very fitted everywhere except on the sleeves which are baggy, I think my progress has gone well :) I also concealed a zip down the front to that the shirt closes how it does in the illustrations (though I doubt it's meant to have a zip xD) I made the shirt from white cotton twill so it's very thick :) this is so that it doesn't have that dreaded see thoughness that Primarni Shirts have and also means I don't have to wear a top underneath it :D

Also if you've read this far kudos to you :) xxx