Cosplayer: Luminescence

Variant: Blue dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th July 2012: Nearly there! The dress is all sewn together now, but I still need to sew on the ribbon around the waist. I might also need to shorten the underskirts as well, but I need someone else's help for that to see if they are longer than my overskirt (after all, I can't dislocate my spine and look at the back of my dress while I'm walking along :P).


4th July 2012: Progress Tights have been ordered and have arrived, hair accessories are done, and I've decided to forgo the earrings because my ears will probably be covered by the wig anyway (and also, I refuse to pay over £5 for a pair of tiny earrings that I'll probably only wear with this costume!).

So that's 3 out of now 6 jobs done, halfway there!

1st July 2012: Painting is done! I've now finished all of the painting that I need to do for this costume, and I'm happy with how it's turned out :D Here's a photo of the overskirt, so now I just need to attach it to the lining and get the pink/lace trims on and such.

One job down...six to go :D

30th June 2012: Moar progress Last night I hemmed all four underskirts, as I figured that'd save me a job later on, and today I re-laced my boots so they are ready to go :D I've also been looking into getting some white tights, as Giselle wears them underneath her dress, and I'll probably be buying those on Monday along with the earrings, hopefully.

As for right now, though, the painting on the overskirt has begun! I think this is the most complicated job I have left to do, and then hopefully it'll all be plain sailing from here until completion.

So, things left to do are:
- Finish painting the overskirt
- Attach trims and lining to the overskirt
- Sew all five skirts to the top half of the dress
- Get the zip in
- Order earrings
- Order tights
- Make the wig decorations

And all of these have to be done in the three weeks I have left until Manchester Expo!

29th June 2012: Progress The top half of the dress is now complete, save for the ribbon ties around the middle and the need for a zip in the back. I'm not putting the zip in yet though, as I will need to sew the skirts to the top half of the dress first :B

11th June 2012: Yay! I think I've finally cut all of the blue pieces that I need for this costume, so hopefully they'll all go together easily! From here on out, it's sewing and painting, and a minor bit of wig work.

7th June 2012: That's how you knoooooow So in a bid to get this finished for Manchester Expo 2012, I started painting the flower patterns on my blue fabric last night. So far I've got one sleeve done, and it's not going as badly as I thought it would! I've also got some friends who are willing to help me out soon, so yay <3

13th August 2011: Dress! I cut out the four underskirts (two pink and two white) last night, and started tacking them together. I finished today :D So now I need to run them through the sewing machine.

21st June 2011: Shoes! Originally, I was just going to wear the shoes that I made boot covers for when I cosplayed Black Cat - they were a pair of white heels that I attached white lycra knee-high covers to.

However, the lovely Holli posted a pair of white Victorian-style boots for sale, and they were perfect - and in my size, which is a rare thing when it comes to shoes! I couldn't pass up on the opportunity so I snapped them up :D Can't wait to receive them! <3

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Mungojerrie - 17th June 2011

Yasmia avatar

Yasmia - 12th June 2012
This dress is beautiful. I'm looking forward to see this. You'll look lovely!

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 29th June 2012
yay cant wait to seeee <3

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FlyingMammal - 2nd July 2012

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Relion - 10th July 2012

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TheStarlightFairy - 23rd July 2012

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 23rd July 2012

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street-angel - 23rd July 2012
You looked amazing as Giselle <3

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 24th July 2012
I feel like such a dope for not recognising you!!!
You looked stunning such a perfect Giselle <3 <3 <3

Luminescence avatar

Luminescence - 24th July 2012
Thank you everyone <3 Jenn, don't worry about it! :) I'm sorry I didn't catch you on the day, we will have to chat next time :D

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Pandora-Chi - 24th July 2012
u look so pretty as Giselle <3

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 26th July 2012
You look gorgeous!! I love how everything drapes so nicely!