Hyruki Maruki - own character




Hyruki is from a noble clan of samurai warriors. He rejected his destiny and worked as a businessman and soon became one of the best in his field.
The demon clan that had been at war with the Maruki's had finally overpowered them and were flooding into the human realm through a portal. His whole clan had been wiped out and now they were after Hyruki's blood.
Terror spread throughout the world as demons terrorised and slaughtered the humans.
During one of the demons raids Hyruki's fortified house had come under attack and falled. Hyruki came back from collecting food suppies to find destruction had been wrought upon his family. Upon finding his wife and son brutally murdered and skinned he swears to exact revenge on the demon clan that destroyed his heir-line.
He returns to his father to learn the ways of the samurai in order to gain the strength that he needs to destroy the demons and the portal they are coming through. His father passes onto him the dual samurai swords that have been used for millenia to defend the human world from the demons.
He decides to enter the portal and defeat the leader of the demon clan.
On his way to the portal he come across hundreds of demons who seem to be attracted to him. He pulls out his swords and starts to fight. He discovers that he has powers that he had never dreamed of, cutting down his enemies with ease.
In the end he is alone facing the gate into the demon realm.
He has the choise of destroying the gate and stopping the demon reign or to go through and try to destroy the leader and get his revenge, but doing so would mean that thousands more demons would come through and destroy the world he knows.


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