Emma Frost (Hellfire Club) - X-men [comic book version]





This was my first cosplay and I wore the costume to Comic Con San Diego 2010. I didn't want to buy a wig, so I pretty much based my costume around my hair color and something classic that I thought I could pull off.
I must have been stopped hundreds of times by people to take my picture! Crazy! People were calling me "The White Queen" and "Emma" when they wanted to get my attention which was very cool. :)

In this costume (being my first), the only parts I made completely from scratch were the cape and collar. The rest were found at thrift stores for cheap! The collar was pretty difficult to make, but it rested well around my neck and I was very proud of it!


nanahara posted on 17 June, 2011 - 08:22
well who dosn't like the white queen ^^. You pulled this of brilliantly, espically it being your first cosplay. Looking good

kawaiibesu posted on 27 June, 2011 - 04:05
Thank you! :)