Dragon Age Origins

Cosplayer: Sasashie

Variant: Leliana's song

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

21st June 2011: Scale Armour http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=84&cat=Scalemail+Supplies&websess=92619582883554

about £250 for the kits from this place

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BabemRoze - 16th June 2011
<33333333333333!!!! Dragon Aaaaage <3!! Can't wait! :D

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Sasashie - 16th June 2011
this one is ages away i wanna tone up everything b4 i wear this lolz x

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BabemRoze - 16th June 2011
I know that feeling >.< lol :D x

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Manticore Arts - 19th June 2011


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Lulu Rose - 21st June 2011
The refrences are really really good but I have to ask:

Where are they from? who's the original creator? (this is mainly me interested because of the leather work but also, it's a good idea to put in the bit that you can write stuff for images, who the creator was, to credit them, just in case.)

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Sasashie - 21st June 2011
Shoot did i not do that 0.o woops i thought i had


this is the girl who did this work i found it on Deviant art

i have now put her dA address into all the boxes ^^

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Lulu Rose - 21st June 2011
Thanks for the link! OH MY GOD! her work is fabulous. I really really want to get into leathercraft, it;s such a shame it;s a dying craft and theres hardly anyone in the UK that acts as a reasonable priced leather dealer (that Iv'e found!) and there dont seem to be many classes for it around.

Good luck with this though! scale mail will take a while to do XD