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Worn AtLondon MCM Expo October 2011




30th October `11, London MCM Expo

Halloween/Vampire Arthur, as seen in Himaruya's blog in 2010 for Halloween.


JinxRiddleWolf posted on 18 January, 2012 - 22:18
This looks really awesome :D

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Progress Journal

Waistcoat (Posted 26th October 2011)  

Finished! And that's the last part of this cosplay done!

Fangs (Posted 25th October 2011)  

Fangs are moulded!

Finished Cloak (Posted 21st October 2011)  


Cloak: Lined. (Posted 21st October 2011)  

Lined the cloak. Was probably the most difficult part for me.

Collar, Capelet, and Cloak Sewn Together! (Posted 21st October 2011)  

Nearly done!

Capelet Lining Finished (Posted 21st October 2011)  


Capelet Lining (Posted 18th October 2011)  

Lined the capelets. The lining is too small and the other bits are too big, so I sewed darts along the edge of the larger pieces to have them meet up neatly with the lining.

Middle Back Seam (Posted 18th October 2011)  

Middle back seam of the main cloak panels are sewn together, seam is almost invisible which pleases me.

Collar (Posted 18th October 2011)  

Collar is made!

Cane (Posted 17th October 2011)  

The other end.

Cane Finished! (Posted 17th October 2011)  

Finished sanding~

Cane: One Third Done! (Posted 13th October 2011)  

Sanding in progress!

Waistcoat Pattern (Posted 9th October 2011)  

Drafted. Decided to make my cloak before making this, since the pattern pieces I need for the cloak are bigger.

Scrapped because I've been offered a sewing pattern to borrow in order to make the waistcoat.

Trying to figure out how to modify sewing pattern... (Posted 9th October 2011)  

For the Inverness Cloak. I scrapped the idea of using a free sewing pattern online and purchased a pattern from America to modify.

Test Paper Model - Side (Posted 9th October 2011)  


Test Paper Model - Front (Posted 9th October 2011)  


Trying to figure out how to modify sewing pattern... #2 (Posted 9th October 2011)  


Trousers (Posted 27th September 2011)  


Lovebite Fangs... (Posted 26th September 2011)  

They arrived! Seeing how they look on me~

Waiscoat Interfacing, Vampire Fangs, Cloak Sewing Pattern (Posted 23rd September 2011)  

Light Interfacing's arrived, which means I can get moving on my waistcoat pattern and draft it, and finish the entire thing.

I've also purchased a sewing pattern for the cloak, because it seems far too difficult without one, and I've gone and purchased the vampire fangs.

I only need the walking stick and white jeans, the bats are an optional addition!

Heavy Interfacing (Posted 21st September 2011)  

Arrived. Now to make the pattern for my Inverness Cloak.

fffffff!! (Posted 18th September 2011)  

I actually got lucky at Barnardos! Because I volunteer there I get 20% discount, and they actually had a lovely grey and white striped t-shirt that I could use for Halloween England! :)

This has been sitting in my wardrobe for a while, I forgot to photograph it when I first bought it.

Back (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Ribbon sewed on. (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Holding Ribbon On - Side (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Holding Ribbon On - Front (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Inside (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Octopus~ (Posted 18th September 2011)  

Covering the fascinator with the Royal Blue fabric.

Hat/Fascinator Finished. (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Now to start on the waistcoat and cloak...

Underneath. (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Front. (Posted 18th September 2011)  


Sewing rim. (Posted 5th September 2011)  


Stuff needed to make hat. (Posted 5th September 2011)  

Pictured here~
Royal Blue Polycotton, measuring tape, fascinator hat, black headband, Royal Blue thread, black ribbon.

Polycotton Plain Colours (Posted 24th August 2011)  


Polyester Lining (China Silk) (Posted 24th August 2011)  


Forgot! (Posted 7th August 2011)  

Here's the photo of the fabric I purchased from Efabrics! I got 3m Royal Blue Polyester Lining and 5m Polycotton

Fabric - Ordered (Posted 31st July 2011)  

Just ordered the fabric, I can't wait for it all to arrive! :)

Fabric Samples (Posted 28th July 2011)  

I didn't go for the actual fabric that's pictured here, I mostly ordered the sample to see the weight and texture of Polycotton and Polyester Lining.

Should I use this hat? (Posted 27th July 2011)  

I did end up using it, but I posted this on Facebook to ask people if I should.