Princess Azula (Season 3) - Avatar: The Last Airbender



My dear problem child...
It was both a wonderful and also a horrible experience making this cosplay. Around 70% is glued and that stupid armor almost cost me a nervous breakdown. I worked DAYS with my dearest brother (unlike Azula I really love and appreciate him ♥) because my sewing machine just refused to sew the leather WITHOUT tearing it apart.
We were a really big group first (around 8 people) but most of them just left without saying a word so in the end just me, Zuzu and my lovely girlfriend as Suki remained. I'm especially sorry for our dear Suki since her Sokka called the cosplay off in passing when he fetched her for the convention we wanted to wear it :/
I know that it's still incomplete but after all the nightmares it cost me I don't think that I'll ever WANT to complete it. But although incomplete it was very well received still since I sadly won't be seeing my brother again that soon Azula has to stay in the closet.

Fun fact:
Without the armor - so simply just wearing the 'undergarment' - it looks more like a Star Treck Cosplay!

I love my fake-nails, my make-up (many thanks to my girlfriend!!!) and my precious little crown which was a present from my cute brother =)

JustPeachy posted on 17 June, 2011 - 13:27
This is a wonderful cosplay! I love the wig, it's perfect!