Reno - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children




Worn at Collectormania Glasgow August 2008. Reno felt like a natural choice for me and he would be easy to recognize even if it was mostly a sci-fi/fantasy convention.

The suit is an old school blazer I kept (I still fit in it) as well as the shirt. The electomagnetic rod is actually a cheap lightsaber toy from a Pound shop, which I then wrapped with gaffer tape. It was also coloured with a black marker pen. The strap (attached to a leather wristband via a golden earring through the holes of said wristbad) was from the end of an umbrella, cut and glued/gaffer taped to the end of the saber.

The wig is a Smiffy wig, originally spiked at the top with long hair trailing at the back. It was gelled with Fruitus Manga Style gel and tied into a ponytail at the back.

The marks underneath the eyes were simply drawn in with a red lipliner pencil.

This was a fun costume. Many people recognized it immediately and I got a few photos taken.


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