Joker (Normal suit) - The Dark Knight





I was bored one night and on webcam with a friend, while cleaning out my make-up tray I found some eye shadows and this is the result.

EDIT: This is now a proper cosplay for me :D I decided to get this done for a Hoosiers concert (since it's fancy dress). It'll be my first public cosplay so hopefully it'll be a good experience. Will proberly look crap because I'm getting it done last minute.

Here's me doing some lip-sync to the scenes, enjoy and comment: (The Mob scene)


Black-Cat-1 posted on 1 September, 2008 - 17:02
Thts reallly cool =] Nice make up :D

Nocturnal Blossom posted on 18 October, 2008 - 22:17
Looking AWESOME!! Scary yet sexy! <3

Captain_Marvelous posted on 13 November, 2008 - 09:48
The makeups is awesome, speaking as a too big a fan of the joker O_o haha erm the goggles are from military surplus stores ^.^ if you ask im sure they have em, im getting more victorian ones from but thats like my starting steamer outfit ive got a mechanic one as well ^^

Progress Journal

18th October 2008

Rushing to get done (18/10/08)

Okay so I syed my pants and my crap Ouran jacket the other day for my Joker cosplay :D They turned out great! Just hemming the jacket were the arms are and then going to add more buttons on thw waistcoat. I've got everything apart from a blue shirt (I have one but it's too big, might raid my friends wardrobe before we go) and green hair spray. But overall it's going okay, will post pictures of it finished soon :D

1st October 2008

Hoosier's concert?

Well since I'm going they normally have a fancy dress theme. This time it's what you wanna be when you older but since a Games designer or animator is too boring I'm gunna be the Joker instead, I mean who doesn't wanna be an evil guy like him!!! So this cosplay has to be completed by.... the 19th October epp! Need to hunt down the right clothes, I hope I can get it done in time at a nice standered!!! Will proberly steal my friends green hair dye XD