Zagato (White robes) - Rayearth OVA




To match with OVA Emeraude and cause Zagato is so pretty!

Because of the considerable lack of images for this costume I'm taking a few liberites with that can't be seen or is generally too small to see i.e shoes, shoulders of the main robe and the back of the cape.

Broken down into a pattern the costume isn't too much work, around the same as Celestine so I'm hoping to get it completed before next weekend to give me time to work on Emeraude. Hardest part is probably going to be the time frame and getting everything lined. It's just so tedious having to do double of everything when I can see in my mind exactly how everything is already going to slot together.


MangaChild posted on 17 October, 2008 - 16:54
Looking Great so Far XD!!! Keep up the great Progress :D

Progress Journal

22nd October 2008

Final stretch

Well everything is pretty much done now for Zagato. I'm just waiting for the cape to arrive which I'm praying will get here on time so I can mutilate it tomorrow night. The gems still need doing and the crown needs another layer of material but everything else is done now.

17th October 2008


After about half an hour of setting up the threads and adjusting the tension on all four the overlocker is finally in action and what absolute WIN! I'm going to be hemming on my normal machine still, just to save time on threading up the overlocker differently each time. Hopefully it'll all be sewn together by tomorrow and I can start on the gold detail. :3

15th October 2008

White robes

I'm pretty much ready to sew everything together after tonight. I've just got the cape to cut out and I can get to work with the overlocker! I'm hoping it's going to turn out the way I want it or I'm going to have to line everything pretty quickly. XD

12th October 2008


Well I should hopefully be starting the main body of this tomorrow (later today). Tonight I've been working on the crown and the gold/purple armour. I've used the same method as I did for the belt of The Big, building up layers of Fosshape to get the base shape. It's all currently drying along with the crown and main chest plate for Emeraude so I'll be covering that tomorrow hopefully. The crown for Zagato still needs heating so that'll be a job for tomorrow too. At the moment the only issue I'm having is deciding how to cover it all. I wanted to use the satin I've got, but the lack of stretch in the material is making me doubt it a little. My other option is to use a white lycra and paint over it but I know I'm not going to be happy with that. I have enough of the satin to make a few mistakes so I'll go with that for now and hope it works the same as last time.