Emeraude - Rayearth OVA




Because I spent so much time on Zagato I just completely rushed the top half of the dress and I'm really not happy with it. I think I'm going to remake it asap ready for Minami. The top ended up being too tight and I didn't have time to fix it so I'll be re-fitting it completely once my new corset arrives.
The bustles were just plain painful to wear and too much hassle to get on so I'm going with the original plan of netting which is all sorted. I'll be sewing it into the skirt itself so nothing rides up like the bustles did.
The wig, although still only at half thickness, I really love. I'm going to be getting some detangling oil to soak it in so it doesn't just turn to fuzz when I want to wear it.
The ink on the cape annoying bled while adding fosshape to it so I'll be remaking that too.


angel aiko posted on 30 September, 2008 - 16:16
eeeeeee i think i may just spasm if i see this :3 i'm such a huge rayearth fan!!

Kaka Extreme posted on 15 October, 2008 - 22:45
XD i cant wait to see this!!!! your going to look so beautiful in this!!!!!

SephNoir posted on 15 October, 2008 - 22:58
Uwah! Thanks so much! X3 I'm so excited about this costume, I've bean dreaming of doing it since before I started cosplaying!

ryaoki posted on 17 October, 2008 - 09:23
wow liz that foshape looks the shiz, how is it to work with and is it heavy?

SephNoir posted on 17 October, 2008 - 12:59
It's wicked to work with! It's just a thick fabric until you heat it so it's amazingly light and easy to cut. I didn't have the time to start playing around with the friendly plastic so I went for that again instead. X3

Eatmethoubean posted on 24 November, 2008 - 01:57
wow! this is gona be soooo perty :D i rly wana do a rayearth cosplay one day if i have the time and money...cant wait to see emeraude and zagato finished :D

Progress Journal

23rd October 2008

My turn

So after finally finishing Zagato today I've been able to start on my dress. This really is a push for me, I've never started anything so late (Celestine was 5 days to go) but I can honestly say I'm really happy with the dress. The bottom falls really well and granted I've not tried the top on yet but it seems to be the right size. (If not then I'll be tightlacing!) All thats left is the cape which I can do tomorrow!

11th October 2008


Finally managed to get the material for this and Zagato today. I managed to find a good up close image of the artbook version of her so I'm going for that as my main ref image. I'm hoping to get the crown and possibly the belt part of the cape done today for both of them.