Watari - Yami no matsuei


Second/third prize in a Manga Recon night cosplay competition




I love Watari, haha. Probably my favourite character in the series. The site won't let me choose 'other', because this was worn to a mini convention in my local Waterstones way back in 2008/2009. I think I came second/third place in the cosplay competition. XD

Anyway! Onto the cosplay! I'm not one for stitching or sewing, so I basically took a black polo neck (it was the middle of October or February, I believe) I already had, and some black skinny jeans with Converse. (I don't think I've ever seen what shoes Watari wears, eep.) Then it was a matter of buying a lab coat (my brother, a forensic science graduate couldn't lend me his because he was living in halls two hours away) for £10 at a local Dickies. The next matter was finding the hair ribbon... And oh goodness, I found a perfect one. A bright orange chiffon with little mirrors and flowers sewn into it was on sale for £2 at a jumble sale, so I bought it. XD Then I couldn't find the biker gloves he wears... odd considering they came into fashion about a year later. *cough* So my friend lent me a pair of hers. Then I had to find a #002, AKA Watari's pet owlet. ...It's just a Beanie Baby my friend lent me. XD

So yeah, I love this costume. I may be missing the sky blue T-shirt Watari wears over this, but uh... yeah. XD I do plan on cosplaying him again! ;w;


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