Bossun - Sket dance




Looking forward to this the most! Bossun is part of the Sket Dan and he has distinct features to his outfit as seen by his hat and armbands, it'll be challenging but fun to get this on point.


Elyiel posted on 10 June, 2011 - 22:58
Yay, another Bossun! I look forward to seeing it done! :D

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Progress Journal

18th July 2011


I made the badges, arm bands and leg bands that Bossun wears. I tried making the bands on the computer but seeing as I'm an idiot it didn't work out too well. I used paint and stuck on the Sket Dan logo and laminated it. Some of the paint went onto the logo but you win some you lose some.

16th July 2011


I've found the perfect shirt and wig for Bossun online, and will be purchasing it as soon as possible. This has been really exciting and I'll be working on the armbands as soon as possible. After the shirt has arrived all I will need to do is find/buy some shorts and make his distinctive hat. I'll be uploading photos as soon as the products arrive!