San - Princess Mononoke





In October 2008 i had a fancy dress party and decided to cosplay San, my first step was to buy ALL materials needed before starting, such as mod-roc, acrylic paints, glues, pins, sewing neccessities, fabrics, wire etc.

I already owned a pair of soft white jazz shoes from back when i did cheer leading so decided to build her boots around them, also using some brown leather ties from a women's belt as the string on her boots.

I bought an off white/cream long pile faux fur fabric for the cape/hood as i felt white would not look right, the same goes for the tunic fabric, which i also bought a slightly suede textured variant of as i didn't like the look of the cotton feeling fabric for this part.

I chose a between navy/midnight blue cotton type fabric for the dress material, which i chose to double over as to not see my underwear, sewing was a fairly quick process, i cannot recall any major mishaps, other than the machine jamming a couple of times, but mainly smooth going.
I always matched cotten colour to the fabrics used, this also applies to the hand sewn areas (the cloak/hood and the small stitch I used to attach the tunic to the dress (i'm only tiny so i needed to make sure just incase)

For the boots I built up the boot shape out of the suede like material (also used for the tunic) around the jazz shoes, which because of their softness are able to be taken out and replaced whenever i feel like it, and i then tie the leather ties around the fabric once on my leg to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Knife, mask and ears are made of mod-roc, the initial shapes where formed around kitchen items, the mask was built around the bottom of a metal mixing bowl which happened to have the shallow roundness i was looking for, and the ears where made around a rolling pin (longways and one at a time)
for her jewellery and knife I hand formed the shapes on a baking tray, the earrings where built onto a pair of clip-on earrings (as i have no peircings) i found it was better to build onto an already made dangling shape than to try to make and attach it myself.
for the claw/toothlike jewellery i placed a segment of a drinking straw that i had filled with plasticine/play-dough onto the shape to form the hole for the string to go through once dry (try to find thinner straws so that the string is a tight fit to allow you to position the teeth/claws) then continued to build over the straw until the shape was fully formed.
all mod-roc was left to dry for at least 24 hours before painted with acrylic paint.

For the headband/armlets i bought strips of elastic (wider for the head, narrower for the arms) and decorated with necessary sequin adornments (glued on)

When attaching the mask and ears to the hood I took a drill bit and slowly worked small, narrow holes into the sides and a slighly larger one into each (black) eye area (remember to paint the inside edges of these holes) this is for the mask, and both sides on the bottom of the ears for the wire to pass through, wire was used as this enabled me to style the attachment so that when i put the mask on on the ears sat up instead of laying back flat, remember to tie the wire tightly enough to hold seeing as although stronger than string the metal is smooth and may work its way to undoing due to less surface friction.

As for the hair, I already had the same haircut as San (because i'm cool) so I just dyed it to her blackish green colour.

For make-up I used a natural/ youthful looking foundation and pressed powder and accentuated my eyes with eyeliners and eyeshadow (natural colours that don't impose) and a pair of natural false lashes on top and a small pair on the bottom.
For her markings I used Snazaroo face paint in red (don't make it too watery or you'll look silly, trust me i'm a face painter)

Overall the night went down a blast and the cosplay got many compliments,
the hardest part of this seemed to be the dress as I HATE our sewing machine with a passion it was aweful, thank goodness it died. although at the other end of the scale i found crafting the ears, mask, knife etc. very easy, I love working with mod-roc, it's so therapeutic

At the moment this cosplay is in my attic, hoping to get it back soon though, when my mum lets me have my stuff back (I've since moved out and she won't let me have my things)


JustPeachy posted on 10 June, 2011 - 19:50
This looks amazing! I love the detailing on the mask and the cape looks so soft!

cowiee posted on 10 June, 2011 - 23:28
:O :O That looks incredible!

rosieroo posted on 11 June, 2011 - 18:30
me love

GarnetWeavile461 posted on 16 June, 2011 - 19:37
thanks so much everyone