Prinny (Can I really be the hero? (Possibly)) - Disgaea





Yet another Disgaea costume I want to do. The idea to do this costume originally came at Kitacon 2011, after a freind of mine cosplayed Etna, and said if somone cosplayed a Prinny, she would gladly do wear that costume again.


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Progress Journal

10th June 2011

Costume Ideas

Im going to look at making an easy to construct costume. In an attempt to make a large fursuit type, that uses little padding, while still keeping its round shape.
I looked at hoop-skirts for inspiration. By using some flexible wires/cables, Im hoping I will be able to mould the costume in a way that can make it light and compact when packed away for transport.

The design itself is fairly simple, With only 2 main colours to worry about for the main body.
The only part I think I will have to work on is the legs. It will be impossible for me to do the costume with tiny stick-legs, So I belive the best bet will be to make some padded feet that will go high-enough to hide howmuch of my legs would not be in the main body of the costume.

And here are some optional ideas that I'm thinking of.

1 - Hero's Scarf
This is a quick and simple addittion to the costume that I dont have to worry about doing. Though the option to be the Hero Prinny is tempting.

2 - Adjustable Beak
The beak will most likely be my viewpoint for the costume. But one thing I want to look at doing is adding some extra life into the character by being able to open and close his mouth.

3 - Multiple, Removable, Eyes
On the referances, there are plenty of expressions that can shown off, simply with the eyes. If I use velcro to make some closed eyes as a base, I can make a number of extra eyes that can then be quickly put on and removed for particular poses.