Ruko Yokune - Utauloid




Although I'll admit I dont completely understand the whole Vocaloid/UTAU thing, Ruko was the first character design I saw and was like "Wooow I wanna cosplay that!!" XD

So this is my random summer project. Yaaay!

The reference pictures I have all vary slightly, so that gives me some leeway in terms of accuracy and the limitations of my noob skillz XD


Cattrocious posted on 15 July, 2011 - 18:39
Its great to see a fellow Utau cosplayer :D I want to cosplay Defoko at some point. Good luck, Ruko rules!

15len posted on 15 December, 2011 - 01:45
i have a sugestion for the wig :), insted of triming it again, why not backcomb the hair falls a bit? in some photos ruko's hair is alot fluffier than most hair would be. :)

Progress Journal

15th March 2012

All-Night Blitz

ITS ABOUT TIME RUKO GOT FINISHED. And its Minami in 2 days so I figured why not have it ready for then? Took me about 5 hours to make the arm-warmers and jacket from scratch... its a bit rushed but Im quite pleased!

16th July 2011

Ponytails Trimmed

Cut the two ponytail pieces and the blue extension shorter today. First time ever trimming a wig... scaaary... Theyre still a bit too long, might have to re-trim later, but its a good first attempt.

15th July 2011

Tie Made

Spent today making the necktie from scratch... A bit tricky but really pleased with how it turned out!! Looks all proper-like XD
(pattern for the tie was from ThreadBanger)

30th June 2011

Jacket Material Bought

Went out and got the materials for the blue jacket (dark blue with purpley-maroony lining) and the armwarmers (dark blue with light blue cuffs). I can soon make a start on construction! Huzzah!!

17th June 2011

Wig Pieces Ordered

Im gonna be using the short black wig used for Nana as the base for this one, and Ive just ordered a pair of black clip-on ponytails and a small blue extension... Just need to wait for them all to arrive and thats the wig sorted. Excellent xD