Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (Valentine Special) - Bleach





Grimmjow was ALYWAYS my most favourite character. I loved him the moment he appeared no matter how hot-headed or cocky he was =D
But no matter how much I adored him I never believed I would be able to cosplay him one day - not with all that naked flesh he shows.
Fortunately two good friends cosplayed as Ulquiorra from the Valentine's Special Cover and Orihime in a Valentine's fanart-version and inspired my girlfriend to cosplay as their Ichigo.
She searched around for a good Grimmjow, aksed friends who already cosplayed him whether they would want to make that version for the special con they wanted to wear the costumes but everyone already had other cosplays for that convention.
Then our Ulquiorra asked me and I felt really really honoured because she has high standarts and her girlfriend usually cosplayed Grimmjow but wasn't available because she didn't like his Valentine's outfit and prefered to cosplay Orihime.
I was very excited and I think that without the help of my dear girlfriend I would have NEVER been able to cosplay him. She did a wonderful jobon the wig and helped me with the spikes on her (!!!) blazer which she kindly offered me so I didn't have to sew one :)
The hardest part of the cosplay was that damned fur. I searched the whole internet until I finally found this beautiful and really fluffy (fake) fur. But it moulted like hell and everywhere I worked with I left thick bushels of fur.
And the cosplay is so damn warm Dx
But I still love it nonetheless. It was such a wonderful experience finally cosplaying my most favourite character from Bleach. And it brought me and my father closer together because he lent me his watch ( although you sadly can't see it D: ) and that made me very happy.


FruityKyuubi posted on 10 June, 2011 - 20:37
REALLY FREAKING AWESOME! great job and that is a really awesome Ichigo X#