Yuki Onna - Nurarihyon no Mago - Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan


Ayacon 2011


LOOK at her. She's so darn cute its scary! Now, I do have a habit of just buying outfits that are available online, but all of her kimono costumes just looked ugly. I was fairly certain I could make her, and probably for less than a commission. Unfortunately, shes now officially become more expensive to make than it would have been to comission her, but personally think it looks far superior regardless.

Apparently a bunch of people thought I'd done it myself, but sorry, I'm not that good. Its an 'official' Yuki Onna wig that I got from Ebay - I don't have a lot of experience with styling wigs and I wasn't about to start with a 3-tone waist length mane.

The Simplicity Kimono pattern with white polycotton and white lining...which I improvised cause I couldn't always read the pattern. The squares were gonna be done in applique, but when my sewing machine broke down, I decided to do it in fabric paint. I made a stencil out of foam and painted each one by hand...have no clue how many there actually are, but it took three bottles of silver fabric paint and a full day and night to complete.

This is the same cream polycotton as the scarf and white from the kimono. I was running out of time so threw out the pattern and 'improvised' since I knew the wig would hide most of it. The two pieces are stitched together (the cream part has interfacing and boning to give it some strength and stiffness), and attach via velcro at the back. A seperate piece of white polycotton is attached via safety pins to hide this. The bow is silver ribbon very crudely hand stitched to the obi.

Thick cream polycotton. Couldn't find one long enough so had to make it myself.

Found a pair of white flip flops on ebay that were perfect, and bought some tabi socks from the Rubber Pineapple.

JustPeachy posted on 23 August, 2011 - 13:11
I loved you in the Masquerade, your cosplay is so beautiul! Perfect Yuki :D

Luki posted on 23 August, 2011 - 15:33
Thank you! Glad people liked it.

16th August 2011

Slow But Steady

The only reason I'm stopping this for tonight is cause I ran out of fabric paint. I have ONE HALF OF A SLEEVE to go and need to go buy another pot of fabric paint just to finish it. -_-

Anyway, kimono is taking shaped. Pattern and lining all attached. Just need to hem, add collar and sleeves,

Oh, and actually finish off the obi and scarf, but will make it on time for tomorrow.

13th August 2011


Sewing machine busted. So its been coming apart. Also can't put on the pattern, make the scarf, or the obi, or really any part of it. So gonna improvise. Gonna do the patterns in paint instead of thread, and hope that saves me enough time to borrow someone elses machine later next week.

24th July 2011

Slow progress

HOW has it taken 2 days just to cut and hem the lining??? TWO DAYS. And it looks awful. Thank god thats the bit nobody sees. Hopefully get the actual fabric cut next week.