Deadpool - Deadpool

In Progress


Trying to make a Deadpool costume with as much ease as possible due to a lack of time! The lycra sort might not really work due to not being ripped so trying this one with a looser jumpsuit... this could go really badly!

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White Acrylic Paint
Red rubber paint
Roller Trays
Army Yoke
Leg Holster
Red Acrylic Paint
Red balaclava

Total cost: £0.00

29th September 2011

Costume Description!

I just checked out the costume description and noticed I have deviated massively from the initial design and costs. I was hoping it would be around £10, turns out I've paid about £130 now! ouch...

That said, I'd wellll overspent on the cost of the paints. I'd save myself next time on not buying the red rubber paint (£18) or the white acrylic (£13) so that's £31 less.

I have all the accessories now as well which if I was to remake the costume in the future I don't need to rebuy all of that stuff... (looking for a silver lining here!!)

26th September 2011

Two weeks on...

This is mostly an update on the last few weeks of work on this. To be honest, it's been rough! Turns out painting onto a wetsuit isn't easy. I started with a rubber-type paint which just didnt show up on the black wetsuit at all - it looked like a ketchup stain!

I then found some white Acrylic paint fairly cheaply from Clas Ohlsen (spelling??) and that covered loads better! I did two coats in that and had seemed to have designed myself a panda costume XD

I went back to the rubber paint stuff which covered the white ok. I found red acrylic as that seemed to work well last time but just wanted to use the other stuff up as I'd never need it again... That got me one coat, I'm on the acrylic now which is working well.

Things I've learned so far:
I possibly should have started with the red acrylic as this might have saved me money in the long run. I was worried that I would spend too much on the acrylic but it covers so much better than the rubber stuff that I essentially wasted money on.

An undercoat might be wise before putting a dark colour on a dark wetsuit.

A heavy body acrylic seems to do the job well

It would have made more sense to get a red wetsuit and paint the black on. Red wetsuits (it turns out) are lots more money than a cheap black one but I think when I offset that against how much paint I used to do make 80% of it red (£15 white acrylic, £15 red rubber paint, £25 red acrylic = £55) I could have spent more on a red wetsuit and colour it black in places. Those numbers are slightly skewed as next time I'd not get the rubber paint and maybe lump for just the heavy body red.

Paintbrushes are a bad idea! Rollers all the way. They don't cover the same as the rollers - it comes out thicker - so painting over it means leaving dark patches. I'm about to try makeup sponges on the detail part.

I'll update later with all the accessories I have - they are actually looking fairly good! :)

9th September 2011

Kicking off!

So, after months of wanting to make this I thought I'd start! I didn't want to buy a lycra one online because, frankly, I don't have the body ;) So, I went for a wetsuit and have plans to add a Deadpool design to it. (I know, they are pretty fitted too but we'll see how that goes...)

As it turns out, adding material to a wetsuit is realllly hard! So, I've gone for painting it.. that should turn up shortly so this update is basically me showing you all what I've started with...