Kyasarin (Kya) (Original Design) - Chobits




Kyasarin (Kya-chan) is an original design persocom. I've wanted to cosplay as one for a while but everyone seems to always cosplay Chi or Sumomo so I decided to create one myself.

Details from her Bio:

Kya is a 5'3" custom built persocom. Her master built her as a companion rather than a maid etc so she is more programmed towards human nature than processes. She has long scarlet red hair with bangs that fall down over her face. her skin is pale but pierced, this was through her own choice as Self-Mutilation in persocoms is often an underlying sign of malfunction. After checks it was found that she was picking up on fashion through the internet and wanted to keep up.

She is often found in dresses, usually a knee length brown one that her master brought her after her completion, often accompanied with high black shoes. Her 'ears', although promenant and noticeable are one of her master's favourite features. Built as more of a statement than for their actual use, they are triangular in shape, mostly black with red detailing.


I chose to make this costume because after looking around for a long time I could not decide on a character I liked enough to cosplay as. I loved Kyas design and thought that if I loved it enough I would love making it.

I think the hardest part of this costume is either going to be keeping my hair in place or the 'ears'.


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