Yuna (Omatsurishi) - Final Fantasy X-2


AyaCon 2005




I wanted to cosplay as Yuna, but didn't want to do one of the more common dress spheres. I collect kimono and love wearing them, so when I saw the Omatsurishi dress sphere I had to do it! As it happens, Butterick do a fantastic kimono pattern and, with a few minor adjustments, I ended up with a kimono that looked good enough that I had a Japanese guy compliment me on it. This was the first costume I made using a sewing machine, after years of stubbornly hand-stitching, and I think it looks so much better for it.

The gradient dying was very tricky and I'm not 100% happy with the gradients, but I can live with them. The moogles and assorted random shapes were applied after everything else using t-shirt transfers that are designed for dark fabric. I'm really pleased with the hair tail, which I made using a tutorial I found online (although I'm not sure where it is now).

I've since remade the obi because the first one was disastrous. I used normal t-shirt transfers to apply the pattern and it came out really badly - it looked horrible and the colours ran because of my body heat. I've now made a stiffer version with the pattern painted on by hand. I still need to make a bow for the back but it already looks much better. I also need to get myself a wig - my hair's the wrong colour now - and redo the hair stub at the bottom of the hair tail as it's gotten a bit scrappy. I think this is also the last costume I wore without putting any makeup on, so shame on me there! Basically, I think I just need to wear it all again and do it better so I can have some nice photos for this one at long last ^_^


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