Sookie Stackhouse (Hooky Sookie) - True blood





This is the costume I have put the most time and effort into so far. This was the first one I couldn't just spend hours on eBay and actually find the costume pieces.
I bought a black bobbed wig in Novemeber last year with the intention of one day actually being able to create this costume... then the other research began!
I couldn't find the earrings online anywhere (I've since found out that they're actually from Urban Outfitters) so I made my own with leather thong, and bits&bobs I found in Hobbycraft.
I bought the leather gloves online and had to amend them to add the button detail and round off the square edged velcro tabs.
I did my first wig/makeup test back in about February but left the outfit until recently as I was trying to lose some weight and didn't want the outfit to be too big on me.
The trousers were a pain.. my options were either going to cost me £90 on top of postage from Australia for custom made leather pants, or find something that was not-quite-right and amend them so they were. I found some perfect 2nd hand leather pants on eBay that would only need leather lacing added to the side, and a bargain at only £15 so ordered them. When they arrived they were the wrong trousers (Grommit!). The seller informed me that the wrong photo had been put on the listing and that they didn't have the ones shown anymore. GRRRRR!!!
As I was running out of time to showcase this outfit at Collectormania so settled on a leatherette pair from eBay for £10 which I could add the lacing to and would act as a great substitute pair.
Then there was the main part of the costume... the top!!!!
It took me about 24 hours of work over one weekend. I painted on the detail using screenshots from season 3 TB as reference to a piece of leatherette material I'd cut into 2 pieces. Once the design was finished, I put boning into the joins and added eyeletes to the front and back. The halter ties I used ribbon for, to avoid cutting my neck with pieces of leather... and used leather thong to lace up the front and back.
It wasn't until HBO launched a video competition last week that I actually found out what shoes Sookie wears with this outfit - as an actress walked across screen with her feet in shot. I already had shoes the exact style, but the wrong colour. To save myself some £, I bought some £4.50 shoe dye and painted them black!
I ran out of time to create the artwork for Sookie's tattoos & print out on tattoo transfer paper before Collectormania 17 in Milton Keynes, but my friend Sam (Naurarwen on here) was amaaaazing and drew the back tattoo on me in a sharpie. I did the rest of them.
I still need to do more research as to what the tattoo on the top of her right arm is, but other than that my Sookie Lou Pine's outfit is complete.. and I look forward to wearing it again at Bitten2 convention in August! :)

Have changed the name of this costume from "Lou Pine's" to "Hooky Sookie" as Joe Manganiello told me that's what they called Anna on set when she was wearing it! :) He also signed my True Blood Poster 'To Heulwen AKA Hooky Sookie' :)


naurarwen posted on 6 June, 2011 - 12:27
You were so hot in this outfit <3

RevolverKitty posted on 12 June, 2011 - 15:20
You look gorgeous, really pulled it off really well :)