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Ayacon 2011


cowiee posted on 6 June, 2011 - 01:00
Fuko ~ Love her.

Darkiekun posted on 21 July, 2011 - 22:39
So cute D8

Yellow Material

Total cost: £0.00

26th July 2011

Front WIP

Well with the material I bought, I gave on to DarkieKun who has sewn this masterpiece together for me ^^ With some old white material I had left over, she has cuffed the wrists and made the sailor-y bit (no idea what that is called xD ) but yeah, this is the front view, still yet to sew on the pockets, red lining and school patch but, yayy Fukooo!

15th July 2011

Wig and Material Arrived

Yaaay, Fuko wig and material turned up today, It's looking gooood. The material is the perfect colour! So I should get the basic shape cut out today, hopefully ^^;;; I am really not a confident person when it comes to cutting material ^^ heh...

10th July 2011

Jacket Material

Fuko ish on the move, I have recently bought some fabric for her jacket!!! 'PLAIN PALE YELLOW COTTON FABRIC' from ebay, 2Metres because I'm not the big but I will most likey make mistakes ^^;; I may even drag the material to Darkie's to help meh out cause I be a spazz ^^ I also have bought the school badge off ebay tis quite big but that doesn't really matter. And also!! A starfish to carry around with me, yaaaay! *w*

8th June 2011


I actually have a lucky find today, whilest trying to find a dress in my suitcase I came across the perfect skirt for Fuko. I had bought it around 4 years ago for an old cheap cosplay but was too big for it. Came back across it and it fits well and is an awesome colour, spot on. Just... a little short is all ^^;

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