Sookie Stackhouse (Flight) - True blood





The first outfit that needed items to be made from scratch! Luckily I have a very talented seamstress in my mum and she very kindly made the skirt for me after I bought the material and pattern.
Mum having agreed to make the skirt, I set about searching online for the cardigan. There is debate online as to whether the *actual* cardigan Anna Paquin wears is one of 2 styles, but unfortunately I've yet to find one for sale on eBay. I found a very similar yellow rose print cardigan and persuaded an American seller to send it to me in the UK. The lace-topped camisole was also located on eBay as was the white handbag.
The flowers for my hair were handmade.
The white shoes came from New Look as they were the closest in style and the cheapest I could find (creating costumes gets pretty expensive so happy to save a penny or 2 here and there if I can!)
I couldn't get an exact match for Sookie's gold butterfly necklace, so bought the closest match I could find.
This outfit is completed with a miniture bottle of Grey Goose vodka, as Sookie carries one when she steps off the plane in Dallas :)


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