Yuffie Kisaragi - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


I've intended to cosplay Yuffie for a while, but I didn't like her arm thing on her original outfit. I was contemplating her Kingdom Hearts one, but I ended up deciding on Advent Children in the end since it's the design I like the most.

I really ended up buying most of this costume. I bought a black t-shirt, altered it to the correct style, and painted the designs on. I also found a cheap pair of trousers in a charity shop which matched my boots, so those were cut up to make the shorts. They were a nuisance since they originally laced closed, which didn't work well with the grey waistband I had to add. I later altered them to have a zip, which is what Yuffie seems to have anyway. The grey pouch is sewn to the shorts so I stays in place, but I added a strap which velcros across the front so it gives the impression of being tied round my waist like hers seems to be. My wig is my old Selphie wig cut beyond recognition.

I got the boots from Refuse to be Usual ebay store. They’re not exact, but they’re close enough and I love wearing them! I may get white laces for them and paint the toes white in future to get the colours more accurate, but since I can't tell exactly what the colours are meant to be in the film anyway, (distinguishing the blacks and greys on the rest of her outfit was a pain) I suppose leaving them as they are won't matter much.

I couldn't find any opaque black hold-up stockings, so I used non hold-up ones I already had – one was my first attempt at Stellvia stockings (I only had one left, the other was ripped) and the other is the leg I cut off my Adora tights! They were then sewn to a pair of hold-up stockings to add the sticky tops which would help them stay up. The white stripes on them are elastic stitched on.

The jacket was the main thing I had to make. It’s a dark grey wool (salvaged from a charity shop find) lined with light grey left over from my Bleach uniform. I decided to line it all in pale grey to match the hood, and the lining also allowed me to add pockets - there’s, two accessed by the zips on the front (the costume actually has a lot of pockets – the two in the jacket, four in the shorts, plus the grey pouch thing which is functional!). As well as those short zips for the jacket front, I had to buy super-long ones for the edges. Those were another reason to line the jacket; it was more appropriate for applying the zips at the edges

I used the same dark and pale grey fabrics for the shorts pouch thing, waistband, headband, armwarmer thingy…along with white bias tape. I decided to make the wristband white based on the colouring from Kingdom Hearts II. The black straps on the shorts and jacket were made from leatherette, and I had a lot of trouble finding buckles for them so they're not quite right - I think the one for the strap on the shorts is a bit too wide. Hopefully I'll find better ones eventually.

Overall I didn’t spend much on this costume, and got away with adapting a lot of clothing so it was all fairly easy and cheap to make!

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