Stella Nox Fleuret
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Cosplayer: KawaiiKira

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st February 2012: Bolero Progress I went out today and got some Lining for it ^^ I wanted to buy more, but it was COLD. I can't wait to put it together! Will resume working on this on the weekend L)

15th January 2012: More Progress I am about 50% done with the borelo for this cosplay, just gonna do the rest of it tomorrow and make some adjustments to the skirt ^^ I am really happy with the progress for this cosplay, I can't wait to be Stella!

23rd October 2011: Bolero I finally was able to get hold of a pattern and fabric for it so hopefully I can start working on it tomorrow ^^ wish me luck!

28th September 2011: Progress Shots + Rapier I have upladed progrees shots for what has already been done and completed, only a small way to go now! Also I have started to assemble the bits needed to make this rapier. I am going to take refrence from the pics of them in my gallery, but also incorporate some Design from what i think Sella's would look like.
UPDATE:going to get the suplies to make her rapier this weekend ^^ can't wait!

17th September 2011: Yay! I really excited that this is nearly finish ^__^ I really want this to turn out as an aweosme cosplay, so I'm putting as much effort as i can into this!
As well as having a photoshoot at Expo time, I would really like a Night photoshoot done with this, maybe in London somewhere, I've seen a few places that i Like, but still looking :)
It would be awesome to have a group or just a noctis or Prompto to do this shoot with!

20th July 2011: update I manged to take off the last two pannels on the skirt, now thats schools over i can now work on the entire cosplay ^^ I have an idea on how to create her rapier, and there are two ways of making it, so i'll start with the easier one first.

also, got to do her bolero ^^
Can't wait to finish this!

5th July 2011: Skirt time! I hate it when you can't get time for cosplay, cause of exams :( but now that i have some free time, i can work on the skirt some more! i add the last panel on the skirt already, but i think it is a litte high up.

so i will take the last two pannels off and and them on agian, but lower ^^
I really am happy with the choice of fabric i have chose to work with, as it was a first time buy!! but i may have to back for more ^^