Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII




EDIT: Wearing her agian for October for a photoshoot! So I'm gonna sort Lightning out ASAP and style the wig and perfect as it can get! Also, I might redo my Pauldron and repainting my gunblade with care, I CAN'T WAIT!

Lightning was my first ever cosplay and i was happy to debut it MCM Expo May 2011 :) i brought the cosplay, and it was altered because i had little sewing skills at the time and my school work. the gunblade was commisioned form an awesome prop maker on ebay, who i will be using agian, and everthing about him is five star!

the wig was brought from COSPLAYWIG before they removed everthing from their store and added new versions, my my one is very accurated and the same shade as Lighting :)

overall, the cosplay was great and i had an AWESOME time being Lightning, i will wear her agian next year for May, i think^^

after the Expo, their was a little wear and tear, the seams ripped a bit on the gloves and the skirt needs to be repaired, but nothing i can't do! the gunblade needs to be repainted in some areas, nothing major though.


Pics are coming soon ^^


Viola posted on 30 August, 2012 - 15:22
Wow the gun blade looks amazing ^^

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