Ryuichi Sakuma

Cosplayer: midnu

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th May 2012: Finished After god knows how long of not cosplaying I've finally finished this and will be wearing it on the 27th to London mcm expo

4th September 2011: 3 things in 3 days That must be some kind of record for me.
so today I got the boot covers finished, they weren't as annoying as expected, thankfully. So now all that's left is the dungarees, though I haven't even got the fabric for them yet... I think I'll be focusing on Ritsuka for a while as I have to do some easy things for that, being back at school tomorrow I'm really going to have to work hard for the results I want.

2nd September 2011: Paws Finished the gloves, probably the most time consuming part of the whole cosplay seeing as they're completely hand sewn but they're done now and before I go back to school! I might try and make to boot covers tomorrow seeing as I'm on a roll to get all the fleece needed garments done~

1st September 2011: Completed the hoodie After 4 hours of work (including a lunch break) I got the hoodie finished. I think the thing that took the longest was the face, I had to had sew the white nuzzle on and I decided to glue gun the nose and eyes on. The ears took less time then I was expecting as I sewed them on the machine then attached them by hand but discovered that hoodies are really fun and easy to make so I might commission a couple over the holidays as it takes less then a day of work and they’re so snugly after I love curling up in all this pinkness to watch a film.
Next job? Gloves.

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Shajyla - 16th June 2011
Can't wait

Zanaso Rymm avatar

Zanaso Rymm - 4th July 2011
squee. X3

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Anonymous - 18th July 2011
:'D Totally looking out for you~

It's a shame Gravitation isn't cosplayed so much.

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Carmina - 1st September 2011
Love this series!

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Anonymous - 7th September 2011
Looks really good so far Midnu~
Great job on the hoodie part =]

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Anonymous - 25th May 2012
Cute! :D