Athos (Musketeer ) - The Three Musketeers (1993 movie)





I've loved the Musketeers movies for years, the 1973 & 1974 ones, as well as the 1993 one.

Since there is a New "Three Musketeers" movie being released in October, I thought I'd honour it by doing this costume.

Of all the Musketeers I've always like Athos the best, since he seems the most honourable of the three (possibly from being a former Comte), albeit usually the most drunk.
I chose the 1993 version of Athos because I think I can do a better job of looking like Keifer Sutherland than Oliver Reed.

- Change of plans for this costume....
Since the Oct 11 movie looks like it won't be anywhere near true to the original books, I have decided not to do this costume for Oct Expo.
It will potentially be put back until 2013. This may seem a way off, but I decided that even though I was going to delay it, I still wanted to do it for a significant event.
With 2013 being the 40 year Anniversary of the Oliver Reed "Three Musketeers", and the 20 year Anniversary of the Keifer Sutherland one, I thought that that would be a very significant year to do this in.....


naurarwen posted on 4 June, 2011 - 13:23
That film was on the other day. Can't wait to see this. Love the Three Musketeers

Sephirayne posted on 6 June, 2011 - 23:40
This is cool. Looking forward to seeing this.

Numta posted on 12 July, 2012 - 15:51
Amazing idea! If you are in need of another Musketeer then let me know! ;)

Greenstar88 posted on 28 December, 2013 - 20:48
Sword is looking great Tony! can't wait to see more.

HarryKurt posted on 20 March, 2014 - 23:44
Progress looks great! Can't wait to see this. :)

Progress Journal

3rd April 2014

Money Pouch

After wearing this costume at Kitacon, I discovered that the main problem I had with this costume was it's lack of pockets, and found that I had nowhere to store anything like money.

After getting home, I made sure to look up and buy a pouch for my money, and this is is. It's made of leather and should be plenty big enough to store any coinage or notes I have on me

19th March 2014

Frog Build

The building of my frog has had a few different steps, since I wanted to make sure it looked the best that it could.

I started off by researching frog styles, mainly using re-enactment or larp websites. After finding a style I likes (and more to the point, could build), I built myself a paper version (Top-Left) so I could make any adjustments quickly and easily.
After deciding on a "pattern", I built it from some vinyl I had lying around (Top-Right). I had to make some more adjustments at this stage, since I found that the loops were too small to fit my sheath.
Once I'd sorted everything out on the vinyl version, I cut and assembled my final version from Leather (Bottom).
I have only glues it together at this point, but I will more than likely add rivets or stitching to it in the future so it looks more accurate.

19th March 2014

Hat Modifications

So, after searching everywhere for an accurate hat at a reasonable price (most I found are made of leather and cost up to £100), I finally came across a felt one (a much more historically accurate fabric) on eBay.
It came with a red ribbon and feather. The feather fell off it as soon as I tried it on, and I decided that the ribbon should be replaced.
After quickly checking the screencaps I'd made of the film, I realised that the brown ribbon that I had for another part would work nicely.
I've just spent about an hour carefully removing the old ribbon and putting the new one in place, and I think it looks quite a bit better :)