Black Rock Shooter - Black Rock Shooter

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Bakini top, Pigtails x2, Leather Shorts and Jacket, White Leather for Stripes and Stars, Boot covers, Glowing eye piece.


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Progress Journal

3rd June 2011


Okay so I have alot of this cosplay already, I need to get white leather to add the stripes and stars to the jacket, I'm also waiting for my clip in ponytails to arrive in the mail, they are taking much longer than the other wigs I ordered from China which is a bit D:, I do need to dig out my boots to see if I can make boot covers for this costume too, if not new boots ahoy! xD I also need to make the eyepiece which will be done at the same time as Shae and Pudding from our Cos group Blood/Sugar (They are doing BRS Len n Rin), the eyepiece's are gonna look shmexy. Crossing my fingers that the ponytails arrive soon though~