Rios and Salem - Army of Two: 40th Day

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Rios...And ze Salem. We like them. A lot. So much so that we want their little tiny aggressive babies. Drew likes to pew pew, I likes to boom boom..Which usually involves me lobbing a grenade at myself. :P Mostly Drew likes them for not taking themselves seriously and treating war like it's a game. I like them for the fact that Rios is the calm, sensible one and Salem is the mouthy, overly aggressive one. They balance each other out nicely. I also like the fact that Salem is overly confident and a tad naive in certain situations. We've really gone to town on these two in the past year, talking about them, developing their personalities, even if it's not part of the game, so we're really excited to begin these costumes and see what we come up with.

I wont divulge how these will be created, but they will take place over the summer and seeing as I'm a girl and will most likely not have time in five months to gain substantial muscle mass for Salem, I'm planning on sorting out a muscle suit. Awww yeaaa! xD


SnowmanKline posted on 3 June, 2011 - 23:39
dude this will look epic. i tryed doing this for this this past's may expo but my mask failed :(

ArmyofTwo posted on 3 June, 2011 - 23:58
Thanks :D I saw a Tyson and Elliot cosplay at this year's expo, could it have been you? :3

This Little Nephilim posted on 21 July, 2011 - 18:35
i think i saw ya guys i got a photo of ya

Progress Journal

4th September 2011


Okay, I couldn't think of a title. And I find it hilarious when Rios says this in the first game. :3

Armour! Rios armour! Look at that shit. Aw yea. That is some vambrace like armour. Built for vambracin' people! What's vambracin' you ask? It's....I am unsure. D:
Either way, this is the forearm piece that Rios wears. It was a leg guard. For Hockey. My Dieru is a talented boy.

19th August 2011


Tattoos are almost done, though we will not be uploading them until we have finished the costumes, due to use both spending several hours attempting to re-create them and fear that if we did, they may be pinched. D:

Salem's jeans need some work. They are pretty much identical to Salem's, however I have a long tear in the knee going up my thigh, so that needs patching up. It'll be covered by a bandage anyway, but that's not the point. XD

2nd June 2011


Began another play through of the game today with mah boyfriend Drew, and we sat and sketched out all of Rios' and Salem's tattoos and badges, as well as the dragon symbol on the back of Salem's skull plate on his mask. All in all, we found out that Salem has over ten patches on his rig, where as Rios has considerably less. Also, Rios' tattoo on his right arm says 'Vaya Con Dios', which means "Go with God". We were reading it as daya, not vaya. :P

We're looking into an airbrush to apply the tattoos, as neither of us want to have tattoos that rub off or are applied with felt pen! xD