super Robot Wars

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

12th March 2012: Boots Bought a pair of New Look boots on eBay - amusingly enough exactly the same as my SCV Ivy boots, just in red, so at least I knew they'd fit!

They're originally folded over at the top, but unfolding them still looks fine. I cut out a chunk from the front and hand sewed bias binding around them. I discovered after the first boot that I didn't have enough of the bias for the second, so I had to butcher Phil's Patroclus costume to get more :P

Once I've added the tab straps, the costume will pretty much be done. It's missing small details and I haven't done the jacket or gloves, but hopefully it will still be recognisable.

29th February 2012: Bias binding I normally topstitch my bias binding (in all honesty, I use the "cheat" method, just folding it over the edge and stitching it once) but for this costume I thought I'd give the "invisible stitch" method a try, where you machine stitch the inside of the bias to the outside of the fabric and then slipstitch the folded bias to the inside.

Frankly, for the extra effort it takes, I'm not terribly keen on it. The stitchless look is nice, but I don't like the look of the slipstitching on the inside and it's fiddly, tedious work. I'll probably go back to topstitching but stop being a lazy sod and do the two-step version with stitching the inside of the bias as well.

6th December 2011: Project start I ummed about which fabric to use for this costume. It looks a bit shiny/sheeny to me, but I didn't want the ZOMGSHINEEEEE of most satins, and I also wanted something with a bit of stretch if I could possibly find it. People suggested lycra but that's a bit TOO stretchy, this costume is slightly tailored but also close-fitting and I didn't really fancy faffing about with interlining things and suchlike.
Shepherd's Bush didn't provide anything I was happy with so I tried eBay, eventually ending up with a red stretch satin. It's not quite a matte satin, but as with most stretch satins it isn't quite as offensively shiny as the regular stuff, so I'm OK with it. From what I understand Excellen is quite a showy character anyway so slightly fancy fabric isn't unsuitable. It also has enough stretch and structure to work with the tailoring of that bodice. Now to find some red power mesh for the neck!

As this is a group costume I'm doing by request rather than familiarity with the series, and since I'm going for fairly simple costumes for Minami as my Ame entry is my main focus for the year, I'm skipping out on the jacket and just going for the skirt/top variation instead. Keeps things cheaper and simpler.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 29th February 2012
You can actually have no stitches visible anywhere on the binding, but you'd need to do your slip stitches differently - kind of hook them under and directly along the fold of the bias rather than on an angle.

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 29th February 2012
Yeah, just tried that and it would look lovely, but jeez, even more of a pain in the ass. I may use that method on bigger/more complex costumes though, it's something that would be good for competitions.